Novel Excursions

Satisfy Your Adventurous Side With
Off-Site Excursions
We host fun outings for residents that offer new experiences, encourage moments of personal growth, and ignite new passions, instilling a sense of purpose in their lives.
Our frequent off-site excursions at Southwind offer a combination of new and thrilling or familiar and relaxing options that everyone loves. Whether it’s trying a new local restaurant for lunch each month, or playing the slot machines at the casino, all residents and their family members are encouraged to join in the fun.

From restaurant outings at their favorite local eateries to fine-dining experiences, our residents love to indulge their inner foodie with off-site dining options.


Other excursions include shopping trips to supermarkets, the local farmers’ market, and the movie theater. We also encourage new cultural experiences for residents, so visits to the Crowley Opera House for cultural events, stage plays, and live concerts are included when available.


Plenty of other unique indoor and outdoor activities, such as bowling, mini golf, and fishing are frequently enjoyed by our residents.


To find out what the next planned excursion is, check out this month’s activity calendar.