Senior Socials

Creating Opportunities for
Friendships to Blossom
By helping to build bonds within the Southwind community through fun socials designed for seniors, relationships form and blossom into friendships.
Southwind’s signature Senior Socials program offers interactive, fun monthly group activities to encourage social engagement, laughter and community bonds. While we’re always adding new and unique activities, a few of our most popular socials include Ice Cream Socials, Pop & Watch Socials, Snow Cone Socials, and Religious Gatherings.


Who doesn’t love to eat ice cream while catching up on the latest gossip? Southwind residents might not be screaming for ice cream, but they sure do look forward to it. Twice a week residents come together to catch up and enjoy a sweet treat from an old fashioned ice cream cart.


Residents love the wide selection, which always includes sugar-free options along with any other special dietary options residents might need. And the fun is not missed for residents who might not be able to leave their rooms because the cart comes to them!


Southwind Ice Cream Socials are shaking things up by providing consistent opportunities for residents within the community to interact and spend time together, creating unique bonds and cherished friendships.


There’s not many problems that a feel-good movie and a side of salty, buttered popcorn can’t fix. Our residents are true cinema fans so we make sure to give them the ultimate theatre experience. At Southwind, that means homemade popcorn, a good movie and a comfy place to sit.


Move nights are twice a month and typically include new releases or popular TV shows. Our large screen, high-definition, smart TV combined with our Fire TV Stick provides endless options of both new and classic movies in every genre imaginable.


After the movie, residents usually hang back for a lively discussion about the plot and their favorite scenes.


At Southwind, we’re proud to have a culturally diverse community of residents from every walk of life. And when it comes to religious beliefs, it’s no different.


Since our residents practice many different religions and have different belief systems, we maintain ongoing partnerships with several churches and organizations in the area who frequently visit our residents. Additionally, a resident Rosary Group meets daily at 9 a.m. and is open to anyone who would like to attend.